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Sky FAQ's - Tips & Advice

Explain Sky TV to me?

    Sky Q is now the standard platform for all new Sky TV and Broadband services

    Sky Q is latest incarnation of the award winning Sky+HD box and is offered in six customisable 'bundles' : the Original. Variety, Box Sets (formally 'Family'), Cinema (formally 'Movies'), Sports and Complete bundles.

    Sky Q boxes come via two choices: Sky Q 1TB and Sky Q 2TB. Sky Q allows you to pause TV and pick it back up on another device, while Sky Q 2TB also boasts 4K Super HD capabilities, seen as the future in home entertainment. Sky Q Multiscreen: The Sky Q mini box is an additional piece of kit, which allows you to watch Sky TV in more than one room of your home. You can customise your Sky Q package in just the same way as any previous Sky+ bundle.

Do I need to take Sky Broadband and line rental?

    Sky TV is available on its own, meaning you do not have to take Sky broadband or line rental. However, Sky Broadband, although available without Sky TV, is only available when you take Sky line rental. Sky line rental currently costs £18.99 per month and this cost is now included in Broadband prices.

So what box will I receive when I place my order?

    All Sky TV orders placed here online include the latest Sky Q boxes (either the 1TB or 2TB box, depending on your selection). If you place a Sky Multiscreen order, then you will receive a Sky Q Multiscreen mini box and additional mini boxes as required (you can connect up to four). Please refer to your Sky basket as you build your personalised package.

What are the comparative offers and subscription options for the new Sky Q boxes?

    Sky Q box monthly subscriptions start from just £22.00 a month with the Original bundle (please refer to current promotions) and cover all aspects of entertainment requirements. The various bundle combinations - which are fully customisable - provide you access to the UK's widest range of HD and 3D content. Plus box-sets on-demand, upcoming Ultra HD programmes and UK network premiers 12 months a head of any other provider. Please see our bundle comparison »

What are the main differences between the Sky+HD box compared to the Sky Q box?

    Previously Sky+HD box customers received High Definition TV offering five times the picture detail compared to Standard Definition TV. Sky Q 2TB now trumps that with SHD or 4K (as it is also known) with 10 times the picture detail of traditional TV definition.
    The new Sky Q box also offers more storage then the Sky+HD box for recording programs. You can also record up to 4 programs at once while watching a fifth with Sky Q, as appose to recording 2 and watching a 3rd with Sky+HD.

How many HD channels does each bundle offer?

    The Sky Original bundle (formally the Sky 'Entertainment' pack) offers 11 HD channels, the Sky Box Sets bundle (formally the Sky 'Family bundle') offers over 50 HD channels and to view over 70 HD channels which are currently available from Sky, you simply subscribe to the 'Complete bundle' » (formally Sky World or Entertainment Extra+) with Sports, Movies and HD Pack). HD channels are in-addition to the premium channels and the hundreds of free-to-air satellite channels included in all Sky TV bundles. There are more Sky TV combinations available and you can customise any bundle to suit all your viewing, broadband and talk needs. If you wish to view Sky Sports in HD, add the 'HD Pack' to your Sky shopping basket (for just £6.00 a month) and gain access to all 8 HD channels in this pack.

How long does it take Sky to install?

    Sky products and services are usually installed and activated with-in 2 weeks of your order with an average of 6 days. Once you have ordered, Sky will contact you regarding a time slot. Appointments can be arranged around both availability and a time that suits you. Then a Sky engineer will contact you and install your Sky TV package.

How long am I contracted to Sky Digital?

    Once you order your Sky TV Package you enter into a 18 month contract (*unless otherwise stated). Sky Fibre Broadband services are also subject to a 18 month contract. Sky Broadband Unlimited (Sky's ADSL Broadband service) is subject to a 12 month contract.

I am a returning Sky customer, what offers can I get?

    Returning Sky customers are eligible for new Sky TV offers after 12 months of being a non-Sky TV customer. If you have left Sky within the previous 12 months, it is still worth placing an order, as the automated system will evaluate your eligibility and notify you of just what you can order and at what cost.

I am already with Sky, can I get any upgrade deals as an existing Sky customer?

    Existing Sky TV customers are only eligible for specific existing customer deals, including Sky Q upgrades. You can find these by visiting our exclusive existing Sky TV customer » offers page. There are always great deals on upgrades including voucher incentives and discounts, so it is definitely worth checking here »

What is Sky Talk?

    Sky Talk services are split into four main options and are provided along side Broadband packages. Benefit from free calls to landlines and mobiles, plus discounts to international destinations. You must sign up or switch your land line rental to Sky to benefit from Sky's Talk packages:

    Sky Talk Evenings & Weekends Extra:
      Free weekend land line calls to anywhere in the UK (not including the channel islands).
      Now includes free off-peak calls to UK mobiles.
      Includes off-peak calls to 0845 and 0870 numbers.
      Cost = £4.00 a month
    Sky Talk Anytime Extra:
      Free anytime land line calls to anywhere in the UK (not including the channel islands).
      Now includes free anytime calls to UK mobiles.
      Includes free anytime calls to 0845 and 0870 numbers
      Cost = £8.00 a month
    Sky Talk International Extra:
      Unlimited UK land line calls at anytime.
      Now includes free anytime calls to UK mobiles.
      Includes free anytime calls to 0845 and 0870 numbers.
      Unlimited calls to 50 international destinations.
      Unlimited calls to mobiles in Hong Kong, USA & Canada
      Cost = £12.00 a month
    Sky Pay As You Talk:
      If you do not order a Sky Talk package with your Broadband service, simply pay for the calls you make with this standard Talk service.
      Cost = See call charges and tariff guide »
    Sky Talk Line Rental:
      Available to those with a Sky Talk package and a BT compatible line. New Sky customers who don't currently have a BT compatible line may be able to get one installed through Sky.
      Set-up cost = Free to switch from a BT line. Or between £20 - £39 if you're switching from a cable line or need to have a land line installed (depending on your property).
      Cost = £18.99 a month*
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Summary of what you need to know

Optional extra monthly costs*:
Sky Multiscreen £12.00 p/m (first additional box free) - Sky Sports £27.50 p/m - Sky Cinema £18.00 p/m - Sky Sports & Cinema £36.00 p/m
Sky Talk with free inclusive calls starts from £4.00 p/m
Sky Broadband starts from £28.99 p/m. Sky line rental cost is now included in Broadband prices. For your information, this equates to £18.99 per month and is required for all Broadband / Talk services.

Term & upfront costs:
All services are subject to a 18 month contract except 'Sky Broadband Unlimited' 12 months. One-off set-up cost = £20.00 for Sky Q 1TB box - £199.00 for Sky Q 2TB box or £60.00 when you add Sky Multiscreen.
'Sky Broadband Unlimited' activation is free. 'Sky Fibre Broadband' activation is £39.00. A £9.95 router delivery charge applies for all broadband orders.
*Standard pricing shown unless stated, please refer to current promotions.

Where can I see my discounts & rewards?

Simply scroll down to the bottom of the page in the next step to view your order summary...

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From there you can make any changes to your Sky bundle and view your discounts & Sky rewards before you checkout!